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A huge thank you to the biggest attendance ever in the 13 years of this event.

And an equally big "Thank You" to all the marshals, volunteers, and helpers who worked like Trojans to bring this event to the community. It is really appreciated to all who attended, took part, or helped in any small way.

The display fired like a dream, and the countless messages of praise are very humbling - we have a massive reputation of providing the best display in the County, and we will endeavour to ensure that we keep up to your expectations. We'll upload the video to the Facebook page in due course.

We always get asked about the music, so here was the track listing for the synched display:

"Strength of a Thousand Men (Orchestral Version)" by Two Steps From Hell

"Heart of Courage (Orchestral and choral versions)" by Two Steps From Hell

"Games of Thrones (Main Theme)" by Ramin Djawadi

"False King" by Two Steps From Hell

"Across the Sea" by Andrew Blake

"Magic of Love" by Two Steps From Hell

"Strength of a Thousand Men (reprise choral version)" by Two Steps From Hell

All the above tracks are available on iTunes, or Amazon for purchase.

WE'LL BE BACK AGAIN NEXT YEAR on Saturday 4th November, 2017 - see you there.